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SousaPalooza SousaPalooza

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


First of all, I'd like to thank you for including the clarinet (I play it), because I have never found the word "clarinet" in all of Newgrounds, glad to know that someone knows it exists. The music was great, I found myself not really playing, just listening. The graphics were extremly good, especially on the tuba, the only instrument that kinda looked weird was the snare (I absolutly hate radial fill colors). It would be cool if there was a shop were you could purchase power-ups such as Forte Dynamic (which would make you much stronger), and eight-note measure (which would make you attack faster). Once agian, great, hope to see more from you. PS: Nice job on the new entry scene.

Metroid: Elements Metroid: Elements

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Absolutly amazing.

This was just..... sigh.... amazing, I'm not sure what to say. This action script must have taken forever to was worth it. EXACTLY like Metroid games, I mean exactly, good job. I really liked the Magmor Carvens music from Metroid Prime, nice choice.

Fishy Tutorial! Fishy Tutorial!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Thank you so much!

This was perfect! I'm not really one of those who want to understand everything, I just want it period. Everything worked as it should, it took about 5 minutes to make, and thanks to you I can play one of my favorite games even when the internets down!
I only have one question, I want to edit the fish so they make bubbles every now and then, but when I do it makes the bubble part of the movieclip, in other words if the bubble touches the enemy it gets eaten, anyway to fix this? Or it might be because I have the bubble and fish on one layer, I dunno.


Ah, you need to use attachMovie. Something like this...

bubbleTimer = 0;
_root.createEmptyMovieClip("b ubbles", -1);
bubbles.z = 0;
bubbles.onEnterFrame = function () {
if (bubbleTimer>=3) {
bubbleTimer = 0;
this.attachMovie("bubble", "bubble"+this.z, this.z++, {_x:fish._x+fish._width/2, _y:fish._y});
for (b in this) {
bu = this[b];

If you don't understand it, run a Google search for attachMovie() or something. :)

Avoider Beta.1 Avoider Beta.1

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Pretty good, but need more levels.

Also, I found two glitchs one right click and choose where you want your mouse to be, and two, if you move quickly you can go through walls, even the blue on at the last level. I don't know how to stop the walls cheat but you can put the actionscript in Actions - Frame to make it impossible to bring the right click menu up:
onClipEvent(load) {
Stage.showMenu = false;
Anyways, I ddi like the game, without using the cheats, but on the complete version make as many levels as you can.

Painting Tutorial Painting Tutorial

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Really helpful

This submission was extremely helpful, I noticed how you even explained the actions. There was only one glich that I found that might be my own fault, If I have blue or red on the field and I click black it resets it so theres nothing there. Plz help and reply !

PS: I know you might enjoy that music but it gets extremely annoying, maybe make paragonX9 a choice...

Stickman Prison Stickman Prison

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


The graphics were'nt all that but they don't in a flash movie... That CS-Style was so true, and the ????? one had me literaly rolling on the floor laughing. Good job on this, no need for being more than sticks.

FuB4r responds:

Thx for watching....... I also thought that the ?????? one was hilarious.

LR Interactive 1.1 LR Interactive 1.1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pure, origanal, Mario fun.

The graphics and stuff are good (yes, they did, if it's mario it's not going to be perfect if you want the origanal look) anyways, style is a ten because I like the Mario style itself... sound was good because you gave a sound to every action.
I'm glad this has 1.1 in it's name, here's why, I found a terrble (yet helpful :) ) glitch. I only played it once, but I think the way it worked is you duck behind Bowser, you glow white and your INVINCIBLE!!!! Something you really need to fix.
Also, on the mode where you shoot toad and not Peach, you should make it randomized and faster, because I found an easy way to do this, at exactly 50 seconds left hold the spacebar, you'll never hit Peach, and you'll HEADSHOT Toad!!!

Krazy Kar Krazy Kar

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pretty fun.

Let's begin,
Graphics: 8/10 The grapghics weren't exactly amazing, but they weren't bad at all.
Style: 9/10 I'm not sure what it is but there's just something so original about this.
Sound: 7/10 There really wasn't any sound besides when you ran out of time, fell off the edge, or won the game, but I did like the music, it's sounded like Gran Turismo after the first few measures.
Voilence: 1/10 I must admit, a car exploding is very violent.
Interactivity: 3/10 Well.. you did put the link to websites so I guess that counts...
Humor: 0/10 I didn't find anything funny

Overall pretty good game.

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Glaiel-Gamer responds:

Ok, it's not like you wrote a bad review or anything, but let me clairify something:

Interactivity. Here's a short and sweet summary of it.
Movies have no interactivity
Games have a lot of interactivity.

"A link to the website" is ok to keep in there, but you forgot to mention the arrow key movement of the game and the actual game.

Other than than that thanks for the review.

King of Buttons King of Buttons

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I spent an hour doing this.

I went for a little and found out that there was no more typing, so I watched my show while I was clicking. Anyways, like I said, I spent an hour just clicking and I got to 12,000 clicks. I put in Jareddeitch and I was ranked #3!!!!!! So I look back and I'm not there >:( Good game but when it didn't show my score I just said forget this.

Air Defence 3!! Air Defence 3!!

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Good, now update and add something that makes it save. if you have troubles with that i see a lot of tuts that teach that. Another intresting feature would be cool is if you added a clock at the bottom right. NO GLICHES FOUND